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Johnson Street IEMD: Progress update

Posted by DBC90024 , 10 August 2018 · 119 views

  • Heljan Anglia For Cally Sleeper treatment Class 86
  • Heljan Anglia For Cally Sleeper treatment Class 86
  • Heljan Anglia For Cally Sleeper treatment Class 86
  • Heljan Anglia For Cally Sleeper treatment Class 86
  • Cairnsroadworks bound quartet 60059, 66101, 90017 And 90023
  • Cairnsroadworks bound quartet 60059, 66101, 90017 And 90023
  • DB Schenker 60007 & 60059
  • Ex EWS DB 66065 And DB Schenker 60007
  • Ex EWS DB 66065, DB Schenker 60007 And DB Schenker 60059
  • Johnson Street - Main Shed mock-up
  • DB Cargo Class 60 059 DCC sound fitted
  • DB Cargo Class 60 059 DCC sound fitted
  • 66002 DB Ex EWS
  • 90037 DB Ex EWS Spirit of Dagenham
  • 90019 DB Cargo Multimodal
  • Johnson Street EMD - 08907 DB Cargo
  • DB Schenker 90018 DCC fitted And weathered
  • DB Schenker Class 90029
  • EWS 86261 DCC Fitted
  • EWS Transitionary Livery pro-weathered Class 92017

10th August 2018


With Johnson Street IEMD, (bits now happening to it) and Bachmann's 90 still some distance away from being complete, I have decided to press on with getting my loco collection up to date and slightly extended. I already had two EWS Class 90s which were out of date with their numbering, these are being updated, I will have them renumbered also, from 90017 (sat in store at Crewe) to 90028 (regularly working on 4M25) and also 90023 (also on store at Crewe) for 90039, which has been busy on ECML and WCML duties of late.


Further more, one of the recent acquisitions, 60059 is going to go DB large logo to 60062 Stainless Pioneer and newly acquired 66101 is going large logo to 66009. Number 9s, awww I like number 9's :-) Ho'way the lads and Rondon in particular tomorrow.


And I know just the man to do it !


21st August 2018


66101 has now arrived - and is shortly going to be heading off to Cairnsroadworks depot in a consist (in a parallel universe) with 90017, 90023 and 60059 for re-branding work. Having missed my favourite route code 4m25 for a few days, I managed to catch them today, 90019 in DB Cargo (first new 90 in the revised DB cargo livery paired with 90029 in the cheap and cheerful DB Schenker minus Schenker livery - come on DB !!! lets have one of them (029 or 036) done like 90019 please !!!
29th September 2018


Update re Johnson Street - the four locos made it to the Cairnsroadworks paintshop, but there was a problem with 66101 so it has been moved on, leaving 60059 (soon to be 60062) , 90017 (soon to be 90028) and 90023 (soon to be 90039) to carry on with their rebranding work.


I have also in the meantime acquired a Heljan Class 86 in Anglia livery which I am hoping to have rebranded into Caledonian Sleeper livery.


2nd October 2018
The recently ordered four track gantries from blueflash90 (ebayer ID) on ebay have now arrived. They come in parts so will have to be assembled and painted a tired grey colour. I also still have the previously ordered multi-track gantries which didnt have droppers for the catenary to attach to, and its my intention to explore where possible how compatible they are together, bearing in mind the variety of catenary in any busy section of electrification. These in turn will be paired with the PECO catenary which will serve as the benchmark of the electrification @JohnsonStreet.

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