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A bit more scenic work

Posted by steamfinale , 17 April 2018 - - - - - - · 226 views

Attached pics show a bit more progress on the road/canal scene. Buildings have now been bedded into the landscape and bits of detail added - chimney pots will be added to the buildings in due course but it's not a current priority!
The landscape is a base of polystyrene covered in a plaster mix with plenty of PVA incorporated and then painted dirty brown/...


A stroll by the canal...

Posted by steamfinale , 01 April 2018 - - - - - - · 321 views

It's been a cold few months so limited work done in the railway room/man cave. That said, I decided to attempt to model a canal scene as I regularly walk the dog along the nearest towpath.
The pics show work in progress but with the canal now in situ. It's a piece of thin ply mounted on bits of scrap wood, painted a dirty green and with several coats of g...


Control Panel complete ...

Posted by steamfinale , 31 December 2017 - - - - - - · 206 views

 ... and it's a rat's nest but it works! The shed throat is also wired into a switch on the station control panel using good old analogue "cab control" allowing the smooth transfer of locos between controllers as required. Attached a couple of pics of the completed depot pending scenic work as time permits. It must be a Sunday as it looks prett...


Control Panels

Posted by steamfinale , 13 December 2017 - - - - - - · 386 views

 Being snowed in over the weekend provided an excuse to progress the loco shed control panel as at least some of it could be undertaken on the kitchen table! It's been attached to the layout this afternoon and now awaits completion of the wiring. The panel is simply a piece of thin plywood. I drew the track layout with a felt-tip and then drilled/cu...


A bit more track-laying

Posted by steamfinale , 06 December 2017 - - - - - - · 316 views

Well, track-laying in the loco shed area has been completed today and it's divided into suitable sections to enable maximum loco storage - I've never got into DCC so it's strictly analogue. The layout incorporates a double and a single slip and a 3-way point for no better reason than that these were spare having been used on previous layouts. I'...


Bridging the gap

Posted by steamfinale , 04 December 2017 - - - - - - · 344 views

This shows the "removable" bridge section at the early stage before electrical multi-plug connectors were wired in and before then cutting through the rails thereby enabling the section to be completely removed, if necessary, to access the radiator. As stated previously, the track-bed is made from thin ply suitably braced to enable the Metcalfe br...


Down at the loco-shed

Posted by steamfinale , 01 December 2017 - * * * * * · 340 views

The current project is to configure the loco-shed area. The pics show the progression of the back-drop with the embankment and boundary fence now in place. The turntable (Peco with a few bits added from the Dapol kit and the well walls lined with brick-paper) has recently been sunk into the baseboard and motorised using the excellent "Locomotec...


Bringing it up to date ...

Posted by steamfinale , 29 November 2017 - - - - - - · 284 views

A couple of pics showing another corner of the layout, in this case typical terraced housing a stone's throw from the loco shed (like where i lived as a kid and caught the railway virus). The housing is a mix of Superquick, Metcalfe and some scratch-built from card some 40 years ago and still going strong (the house-backs to the right-hand side). A f...


Goods Yard

Posted by steamfinale , 29 November 2017 - - - - - - · 251 views

The goods yard, such as it is, fills a corner at the down end of the station. The main goods depot is a continental kit (Pola? - can't remember!) essentially cut in half to supply a low-relief back-drop. The platform is simply made from mounting card. The other factory buildings have been bodged together from scratch-built plasticard structures o...


Building the station

Posted by steamfinale , 29 November 2017 - * * * * - · 222 views

Much appreciate the comment re my last blog entry - sound advice and thankyou! I have a metre-long steel straight edge that has proved invaluable when track-laying and it's also handy for slicing up card to make straight platforms.The attached pics show the evolution of the station area and i think the tracks are just about straight enough....  
At t...


So will the plan work in practice...?

Posted by steamfinale , 28 November 2017 - - - - - - · 236 views

Having more or less finished the baseboards, the first fun part was seeing whether the track plan would translate from paper into reality. To some extent, the plan was constrained by the wish to re-cycle buildings/structures recovered from earlier layouts and future blog instalments will expand upon this. 
The attached pics show some of the first att...


Building the baseboards ...

Posted by steamfinale , 28 November 2017 - - - - - - · 238 views

The basic timber framework follows the method set out by John Aherne (of Madder Valley fame) in his book "Miniature Landscape Modelling, originally published c.1950 - see photo. The surface is half-inch chipboard. I've used this method for 40 years and it's relatively easy as no carpentry skills are required The exception is a removable section at one end...



Posted by steamfinale , 27 November 2017 - - - - - - · 87 views

I've taken the plunge and decided to share my modelling efforts with the wider world ....
"Blackford & Hinton" has been under construction for about 12 months since a house move enforced demolition of its predecessor. The basic premise is that it's somewhere on the former GC between Brackley and Leicester giving an excuse to run ex-GW, LMS and LNE loc...

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