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Eastgate backscene design challenge

Posted by Steam_Julie , 03 December 2017 · 374 views

Eastgate OO Gauge Northern Industrial Town

Eastgate backscene design challenge


We require a backscene for the modern image layout ‘Eastgate’ and your task is to design One.


You don’t need to consider the depth of the buildings, just their outline dimensions and what building you envisage would be in the centre of a Northern industrial town in the 1980’s or 90’s.


You should be able to find plenty of images on the Internet, for inspiration!


Eastgate station board is 60” by 15”, that's 1520 mm by 380 mm approx. You are required to draw you plan to scale. The height of the proposed backscene is 10”or 254 mm.


Your design can range from a simple outline drawing to a fully coloured in design. You must provide such notes as required to enable the reader to understand your design.


You can if you wish draw your outline to 3mm to the foot. This is called foreced perspective and has the effect pf making the building appear further way and thus make the baseboard, modelled area, appear larger.


This task is not limited to member of the Eastgate group, but any member of the RMWeb is encouraged to submit a design.


PS you don’t need to include a car park, as one will be modelled at the end of the station platforms on the baseboard 2.


Attached Image


We look forward to seeing your proposed designs.

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