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SR Class V ‘Schools’: ‘Rugby’


Some initial pictures...

Posted by EHertsGER , 07 December 2017 - * * * * * · 259 views

Ok, so here we have some kind of progress... First up, the boiler, rolled using one of George Watts contraptions. This is only my opinion, but for forming boilers, even those that profess to be pre-rolled (no doubt by the same senorita for whose thighs Bizet was obsessed), stop mucking about and buy one. Even I can make them round, so you have no exc...


At the ‘off’

Posted by EHertsGER , 07 December 2017 - * * * * - · 65 views

Well, here we are with the kit out of the box and a few steps taken to familiarise ourselves with the contents. So far, lots of brass bits and so on, plus the Ultrascale wheels (after months of waiting, of course). The plan is to build the body onto the Finecast chassis which, of course, is designed to fit an entirely different kit. Why not build the Fine...

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