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wenford dries


a shed load of work...

Posted by bcnPete , 30 June 2018 - * * * * * · 372 views

Evening all, 
This warm weather normally puts me off modelling but the 7mm mojo is raging at present :o 
This morning I had another two hour window or so which allowed me to complete the fascia mock up and also the dries buildings at the rear to give more of an idea on the overall look of the layout. I also took the chance to correct the end of...


Too small and dry...

Posted by bcnPete , 27 June 2018 - * * * * * · 379 views

Evening all, 
I have decided to set up a blog of my 7mm efforts mainly as I prefer the blog format to the layout threads...too much scrolling backwards to find stuff! 
This project was started back in BCN when I was having a 2mmFS lowpoint and I confess there is something nice about jumping between the two different scales. Rather than repeat, I...

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