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4 CIG: beginning

Posted by NickL2008 , 02 October 2015 · 397 views

mk1 4 CIG
Good evening

The latest project for me to actually try and finish is an addition to my EMU fleet; a class 421 4 CIG. Watching the real ones, and commuting to a course I used to attend when I was younger on the Southern Region has inspired me to do one, as well as a 442 (more on this project soon).

Initially Ive had two options:
  • Use MJT etched sides on proprietary vehicles such as Bachmanns mark 1s or something similar
  • Use the Bachmann mk 1 as a basis to cut and shut sides
  • use the mk 1 chassis' and scratch build the sides as same same as Colin Parks' model, described in the scracthbuilding section
After much head scarcthing, the last option seems a nice challenge to produce a model, and as well looking at Colins' project, helped me determine what was needed for the project. So two vehicles later, and we have the start of the project. The first task has been to pretty much strip down the coaches of the sides, mounting screws to attach the interior, body and bogies onto the coach. Next, was to remove the roof detail as the "no ribs" approach seems to be just easier to do, as replicating the ribs are removing the "mark 1 related" roof equipment, would be too hard to replicate to match the fine moulded lines of the Bachmann roof. Whilst browsing Ebay, I happened across, Hornbys VEP bogies. After a quick bit of research, these seemed prefect for use on the CIG, so were duly purchased, and now have been attached onto the CIG. As ive typed this ive drawn out the first side, of course its only a rough sketch, and no doubt may need altering in places until im happy with it. Also in the post soon, is a Hornby class 73, which ive decided to use, rather than my original plan to use Bachmanns' own MLV vehicle, despite my reservations about the Hornby motor.

More to follow soon, and many thanks so far to Colin for his input


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