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LT Acton Shuttle "Ginny" (Part 2a) Photos

Posted by Matloughe , 21 September 2011 · 567 views

London Transport Acton Shuttle
Apologies but Photobucket was being un-cooperative last night, so I couldn't link in the photos to my description.

Posted Image
On bogies at both ends, this is the trailing bogie. I will need to glue on a whitemetal shoebeam at some point as well.

Posted Image
Motored end; the body is just resting on the pivot here so one axle isn't in contact with the rails - once it is screwed down at the correct location this will not happen.

Posted Image
Apologise, blurry undersize. The RH Trailing bogie has had the whitemetal bolster 'borrowed' to connect it to the body as seen here. The small screwdriver roughly marks the point where the motor bogie will be bolted into the underframe.

Posted Image
Blurry close-up of the Trailing Bogie arrangement.

Posted Image
Top-down view of the bogies position relative to their position on the underframe.

Posted Image
Shot taken this morning, was a nice sight to wake up to.

Next step painting, red oxide primer for the roof and bodywork, body will get a coat of red paint. And under frame & bogies will be painted black.

Many Thanks,
~ Gary
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what type of motor coach is it based on?
This is an London Transport (District Railway really) G23 Driving Motor Car, in its later adapted form with a cab at each end for shuttle duties on the long closed South Acton Branch. The 23 standing for year of manufacture - in this case 1923.
Hope that Helps.
~ Gary

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