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Tractor bashing - a blast from the past

Posted by The Fatadder , 12 January 2018 · 393 views


Back in the mists of time when Bachmann released their truly awful first attempt at a Class 37, a number of us started trying to find ways to make it look something like the real thing. The idea was that the Lima roof and cantrail were far superior (for those unaware Bachmann originally got the cantrail area badly wrong), while the Bachmann cab and tumblehome (and chassis) were much better.


The soloution chop two into one.


At the time I had 3 of these conversions underway, the announcement of the much improved 37/0 and the potential to remove the skirt (followed by the release of today’s far superior class 37) resulted in the project being abandoned and the two very incomplete builds ended up in the bin


The other was put in a stock box, where it remained until tonight. Looking for something a bit different to work on I am giving serious thought to finishing it. Espically as it was built as a flush front loco and is ideal to model 37521 English China Clays


I think it just needs
Nose grills
New roof grill
A little filler on a repaired side
Nose end detail
Cobble together a chassis


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Query-what happened to the original Bachmann chassis off the three projects? I can't imagine those went in the bin?

The Fatadder
Jan 13 2018 18:16
It’s a good question If I remember rightly one went under a new 37 body, one is in bits earmarked for this project, the other two may well have ended up on eBay in the time since

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