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Merry Christmas

Posted by D869 , 24 December 2014 · 990 views

D823 has just backed the stock for an evening stopping service into the arrivals platform and is quietly warming the coaches against the chill of the night. The other platform has been pressed into service to provide a bit more space out of the elements to handle the additional pre-christmas parcels traffic. A motley assortment of vans await loading but the staff seem to have disappeared. Maybe they are trying to find out who has stolen the barrows.

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Merry Christmas and a happy 2015 to all of our readers.

A few words about the photo... The inside of the overall roof is lit with LEDs in the ceiling. It's not a part of the layout that is usually seen by the public so interior detail is rather lacking. The parcels sacks were hastily moulded from DAS and painted with watercolour on the night before the photo shoot. St Ruth is not usually a DCC layout but D823 had a CT chip plugged in for the photo and an NCE PowerCab attached to the controller socket so that we could have the loco lights on. I tried variations of the photo with the headlights and the tail lamp. The tail lamp looked better because the headlamps and headcodes looked too bright. In theory the chip can dim the headlights but in practice it made no noticeable difference. Unsightly items like the red and black feed wires for the roof lighting have been surreptitiously edited away on the computer.
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A clever photo. It has been a pleasure following this blog.

All the best for the new year


Thanks Don.

cornish trains jez
Dec 25 2014 19:14
Lovely photo Andy! Have a great Christmas!
John lewsey
Dec 26 2014 10:51
Hi Andy it would be nice to be able to watch the activity inside the terminus at exhibitions a small camera and a laptop screen maybe Lovely photo John

Hi Andy it would be nice to be able to watch the activity inside the terminus at exhibitions a small camera and a laptop screen maybe Lovely photo John




There's not really that much to see, just lots of banging doors and loads of little people getting on and off the trains.  They only seem to go into the restaurant room for a few minutes before getting on another train though as not very many of them ever seem to make it out into the sunshine of the station forecourt. :-)


Merry Christmas.



John lewsey
Dec 26 2014 15:21


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