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Kendal 2016

Posted by D869 , 31 January 2016 · 972 views

Just back from an excellent weekend in Cumbria at the Kendal show - the furthest north that we've been so far. It was rather humbling to hear that some people were coming down from Scotland to see us (and hopefully the other layouts too).

For the most part the layout ran pretty smoothly. A new innovation (hidden to the public) was some pictures on the operators' display screens to help us to run the correct trains - handy when people step into less familiar jobs to cover lunch time and so on. As usual there is a small list of gremlins to work on when we get back to the ranch.

Overall, a nice show with a very firendly feeling. We really enjoyed ourselves and would like to thank the organisers. Also a special mention to Yvonne, our landlady for the weekend - a real character.

A few photos from the show...

The side of the layout that makes it all happen. Note the lamp underneath for adjusting signals that drift out of position and the empty cake tin - Pauline's flapjacks and brownies all gone!
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North Holderness Light Railway
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Hospital Gates
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Loch Oran - clearly there is at least one person in this group with a flair for scenery
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Feb 01 2016 09:31

Having read your blogs I have definitely added your layout to my list of ones to track down at exhibition



Thanks Malc. We look forward to seeing you.


Regards, Andy


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