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Posted by Tony Simms , in Rolling Stock, Technical 28 August 2012 · 877 views

Interspersed with summer holidays, I've being trying to make some improvement in anticipation of the Shipley show on 8/9 September.

One of the running issues at Nottingham was the performance of the coaches; mainly due to a hotch-potch of couplings and coupling bodges to try and get coaches closer together. To this end, I decided to make some semi-permanent couplings for the older Bach-Far coaches and utilise the Dapol NEM dummy couplings on the newer ones (as per the DMUs where this works nicely).

The semi-permanent couplings are made with a strip of brass, drilled at each end. At one end I soldered a 12BA nut and at the other a 12BA washer. 12BA screws are then fitted to the end of each coach floor and the link is screwed to one screw nearly flush with the buffer beam, but loose and able to swing:

Attached Image

The second coach then just sits over the link with its screw dropping straight through the holes in the link and washer. The whole is chemically blackened and seems fairly unobtrusive:

Attached Image

The ends of each rake feature a B&B coupling (similar to DG) to allow auto-uncoupling of each rake:

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Aug 28 2012 19:54
Very neat solution. When you do the next set could you get some close up shots in as this is something I was looking at too.

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