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Out to Grass

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic 11 November 2012 · 904 views

Ongoing work to make the new platform "disused"!

From the last post, you will have seen the groundwork around the platform painted but ungrassed. This was the first job. I used a slightly longer grass this time using 2.5mm and 4.5mm fibres of "fall", "winter" and "hay" mixed together. Some trimming will be required and then I shall dust with the airbrush using a light straw shade. Similarly, the bushes which are bits of Woodland Scenics in (supposedly) "Dark Green", will require shading to fit into the late summer/early autumn period. Previously I have airbrushed this in, but I have been messing with brushed acrylics on test pieces and may go down that route. In any event they will require some more work:

Attached Image

The platform surface has been dotted with various bits of the aforementioned Woodland Scenics as well as some 2.5mm Mininatur fibres in "winter" shade. The van body was glued into position once the grassing was done:

Attached Image

The shape of the layout does mean that photos along the line tend to have a non-model background. I've tried some photoshopping before and here is another go:

Attached Image

Next up, I need to finish off the wooden platform extension across on the other side of the tracks.
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Absolutely superb Tony!

Really inspirational stuff. Thanks for posting progress..

Missy :)
Nov 11 2012 18:37
Last picture is great, it makes it look real.. and like the clouds are gathering of there Vale of York :D Looking forward to seeing Brafferton again.
Nov 12 2012 13:09
Nice grass dude.....
On a more serious note where did you get it from? Results look excellent.
How tall is your grass, alongside the disused platform?
Tony Simms
Nov 12 2012 21:51
Thanks for the encouragement folks. The fibres I've been using are Mininatur which I bought online here: http://mutineer-mini...ategory&path=24

I used Greenscenes flock cement and a home made static shaker based on an electronic flyswat. I'd bought a similar item from Greenscene, but it was badly made and soon failed. I used the same design, but made it more robust.

The grass adjacent to the platform is a mix of various shades in 2.5 and 4.5mm lengths; 1 or 2 ft high I'd guess.
A real transformation there Tony very effective.

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