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Shine a Light!

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 17 November 2012 · 778 views

I'd been pondering station lamps for a while. A stock of Ratio ones are stashed in a drawer and I thought that these might serve. Having built on and placed it on the platform, I had to rethink. The whole thing seemed just too clunky and the uprights are square not round as per the originals.

Out with the brass tube and sheet and lets see what we can make.

The posts are fabricated from two telescopic pieces of tube. The smaller diameter on was cut to approximate length and the ends cleaned up using the minidrill and a file (I don't possess a lathe, so all the "turning" I do is in this fashion). Shorter lengths of the outer tube were cut, cleaned in the same manner and then a small profile was turned near the top. These were solder together such that 10mm of the inner protruded:

Attached Image

A .5mm hole was drilled near the top of each post for the crosspiece represented by a piece of wire. After that, I wound some fine wire wound and soldered round the very top represents the upper profile:

Attached Image

The actual lamp took a little figuring out. Eventually I hit on this idea; the four uprights are actually two loops of wire each with a gap at the opposite end (one top, one bottom). These are soldered onto a base of 10thou thick brass strip. The top is formed by making a Maltese Cross out of a square of brass, using a piercing saw, and then bending each lug down slightly. Once soldered to the rest, it is all fairly stable and I still have the base strip as a "handle". The lamp is soldered to the post and the " handle" is then parted from the lamp base:

Attached Image

Planted in the layout, I'm quite please. They still need a vent on top of the lamp, but once this is turned, I'll glue it on rather than risk any more solder. My eyesight and sanity is partly saved as I only modelled the posts on the "disused" platform assuming the lamps themselves had been salvaged and reused elsewhere:

Attached Image

More pics when they're painted...
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A great piece of modelling. One which will certainly pay dividends in the sense of robustness.

Going to be nice seeing these painted.


These look great, especially the topless version on the disused platform. Eat your heart out Mr Ratio....
Nov 18 2012 15:00
These look superb! Look forward to seeing these once they're painted.
Tony Simms
Nov 18 2012 20:27



the topless version

Steady on...its a family show :D Perhaps headless might be more appropriate!

Lovely work Tony...

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