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Wagon Refurbishment?

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Rolling Stock 03 February 2013 · 891 views

Yesterday was the North East Area Group meeting of The 2mm Scale Association. We had a short overview/history from Mick Simpson on the various wagon chassis available over the years.

Then a good number of us sat down to progress various chassis building projects.

See http://neag.2mm.org.uk/ for more detail and a few pics.

Within my own fleet of stock, I have a number of wagons that run on the Mike Bryant etched chassis. These date from the early eighties, use wheels on 13mm axles and to be fair, are a bit problematic. Wheels will often drop out, and being brass they are prone to damage more than the newer nickel silver etches. This is the underside of a Midland 3 plank featuring such a chassis:

Attached Image

I have toyed with replacing these chassis for some time now and the workshop produced a chassis suitable for the said replacement. Removal of the old chassis was fairly straightforward with a scalpel blade, but it did dislodge one of the body ends which to be reaffixed. I also had to remove some of the new chassis to fit it between the wagon headstocks. Here is a comparison of one wagon in original state and the conversion requiring painting:

Attached Image

To be honest, I'm not sure that the work involved is worth it. I'll paint this one up, but leave the other wagons on their old chassis and live with their foibles. I need to spend more time working on new stock rather than trying to resuscitate these older efforts.
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Feb 03 2013 12:19

I have to agree life's to short and the to do pile very high, anyway I like looking at my early efforts to remind me that my efforts are  improving   :superstition:

Older wagons can always be parked in sidings. You don't have to run them all the time.

Always good to review older models-I agree with Orinoco, just park em up if you have the space- or consign them to a show cabinet. there is no point destroying old work. - The recent 'coming to light' of JJL's loco's, rolling stock, and buildings are acase in point. Just to see the progress the hobby has made since the days of this pioneer, ( not to say how remarkable this layout was in it's time) has been quite inspirational- just as your work may be in years to come.



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