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Putting a foot in it

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, General 26 October 2011 · 501 views

Work continues apace (well continues, we'll leave it at that) on the lighting gantry.

I needed some system to fix the five pieces together. When we were constructing the baseboards, Edward came up with some bolts with large knurled plastic knobs on. These screw by hand to a captive nut on the next baseboard and give a solid connection without the need for tools. These would be too big for the gantry, but I thought I'd like to use a similar method.

At the Farnham show, where the 2mm AGM was being hosted, earlier this month, I purchased adjustable feet for the layout legs. Whilst doing so, I thought that they would work just as well in the gantry. So I bought five more! Although the plastic foot will rotate on the metal ball, there is sufficient friction to enable the bolt to be hand tightened:

Attached Image

Attached Image

Meanwhile, the outer facing has had a coat of paint. It will be glossed to match the baseboards:

Attached Image

Attached Image

I have also just received the lighting units, two for each of the five boards and commenced their fixing:

Attached Image

In addition to agreeing to step in at Nottingham in March (a debut at a public show), I have also now commited to Shipley 2012 (September). An impending house move is squeezing time available, but providing we're in before Christmas, I'd like to think January and February will allow the layout to reach an acceptable stage for Nottingham...
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looking very presentable. Hope it goes well at Nottingham
Nice solution Tony.

I do like the way the way the gantry floats over the top of the layout - Will you paint the uprights black to try and lose them?
Look forward to seeing the layout at Nottingham.

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