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OMG... ...WTF!

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical 31 March 2012 · 887 views

What's going on here then?

Major surgery in the yard area, that's what!

Post-Nottingham I've been obliged to take the sledgehammer to the walnut. Bits of rail have been removed, replaced and rejigged.

Attached Image

As a general guide:

W = widened
N = new rail
TD = still to do!
OLANB = there's the titchy weigh hut from the last post!!
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It really is 'titchy' compared to that film canister!
It really is 'titchy' compared to that film canister!
Hi Tony.

I think its good that you have decided to improve the layout a little. It seems a natural progression to 'tweak' a layout in 2mm and I know it will improve the appearance and running of the whole thing long term.

BTW congratualtions are in order too! I look forward to meeting you at the next comittee meeting...

Missy :)
At least you are only tweaking Tony and not part of the '2FS rip it all up and start again club' :O

Good to see that well executed infill area to the yard again too...must get around to sending you that paid up return ticket to BCN...
Tony Simms
Apr 06 2012 16:48
Thanks for the comments guys and gals!

Just back from a few days in snowy Wales; no internet and no modelling. Back to the layout fully refreshed this coming weekend!

For those who have been worried about the heading of this post, WTF? of course means Where's That File? ;)

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