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So Much To Do - So Little Achieved !

Posted by Dad-1 , 29 March 2012 · 393 views

I have such long 'absent' spells that every time I come back it takes me ages to work out how to drive this darned computer !!
Not posted anything new since January, ouch, time to show what has been going on.
Firstly spending money, this layout has loads of points, each requiring motors, switches for frog polarity changing. Then as usual
buying a few building kits and vehicles just to try and keep the enthusiasm going as well as working out what will go where ?

Work has been done on the 'Station' side track, although not all laid yet. Now I don't know if it's me, but I can't start building the scenery
until all track is down and working well.

Attached Image

This shows the lines running throught the station. Main lines on the right serving platform 1, with the island platform having main line platform 2 with platform 3 and a goods line behind that.

Almost out of sight is one of the station throats, but here is the board parked against my garage wall.

Attached Image

All I'm itching to do is start scenery !! Before the fiddleyard/sidings were stripped down I indulged myself. Here seen from the operators side.

Attached Image

But that rough 'planning' aside it's just boards & track ..........


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