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Something Achieved !

Posted by Dad-1 , 31 March 2012 · 201 views

Posting twice in one week - something of a record .....
As I can't find a way of extending a thread by additional postings we have a new one !!

After a couple of days 'messing around' I've at last made all the track on station boards 1 - 3 go live !!
Not a single wiring glitch although two crossovers are not yet attached to their decoders due to being
on separated boards and I've not bought the connecting plugs & sockets.

I so often hear of difficulties with double slips and being code 100 track my slips are the only insulated
frog turnouts. So once this went live I had a little play testing by traversing the slip in all directions using a
selection of locomotives. All went through even at slow speeds, a Dapol 14XX; Hornby Railroad 9F; Bachmann
Robinson 04; Bachmann Midland 3F.
To try and get a scale feel I had a 6 coach train of clerestory coaches along what will be platform 1 with a local
'B' set being pulled by the 14XX at what will be platform 2.

Attached Image

Slip testing time, part of the 14XX programme !!

One more station throat to go !! by next weekend - no hope !!

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