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Signaling the way forward

Posted by nigelb , 04 April 2012 · 343 views

Not much done tonight as work interfered However a start has been made on my first ever attempt at a signal, and the 2nd and 3rd lol
The pic is as far as its got, and as this is going to be a ............ first i have decided NOT to make it working ...... I am waiting for Missy to publish her methods
I think I must invest in some different temp solders I have multi core and solder paste and has any one got any recommendations ????

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Well its a start Nigel. The next one should be better. I find C+L/ Carrs 145 solder useful with either their flux or a phosphoric acid mix ( made to Ian Rice's recipe ).
I have yet to try making signals myself.
Apr 06 2012 08:43
Well done, That is very small for soldering! Missy has put a how to on her single arm semaphore on the Highclere blog. It was a while ago though. Have you looked at MSE kits? Also Carrs low temp solder for tiny bits. I have had good results with the Carrs red flux on both white metal and brass.