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For those interested...

Posted by invercloy , 21 September 2010 · 150 views

For those interested i've set up a blog independent of the forum where I will be documenting the progress towards building the layout as well as writing about various other bits and bobs including some of the Scottish prototype lines.

Click the image below to visit the blog.

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I've just finished reading the information gathered from the archives, and have also started a workbench to document construction of the stock for the new layout here.


A while ago I uncovered a mention of a proposed line on the Isle of Skye (the largest of the Inner Hebrides) which was to be built to narrow gauge, and would cover some 74 miles in total.

I managed to find the plans of a survey undertaken in 1898 in the National Archives, these have been researched in detail and a layout has been planned from these. The setting for the layout is Isle Ornsay, the southernmost terminus of the line, but it may be extended in the future to incorporate some more of the proposal.

This blog documents how I am using the plans and bridging the gap between the proposals and a constructed line, interwoven with local history of the area.

The layout will be exhibitable and will occupy a space of approximately 7'x11' in a curved L shape.

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