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The end

Posted by invercloy , 08 October 2011 · 226 views

Well, the final day of operation on the Glencloy Light Railway came to an end only a little over an hour ago. The scenes at Dunbracken have been captured for all to see.

Here are some images of the final day. All the trains carried large heather wreaths* on their front to commemorate the occasion.

Posted Image
Barra arrives with the early train.

Posted Image
Barra and Staffa head the special into Dunbracken whilst the railcar waits to depart. In all the years of operation of the line this is the first time that passenger trains have passed here - it was required due to the large number of locals and enthusiasts who wanted one final glimpse of the line in action.

The final train was a simple single header with two coaches and brake van hauled by Barra, Staffa having been packed off to the sheds ready for the forthcoming auction to sell off the line's stock.


Apparently the majority of items are suspected to go to an elusive narrow gauge enthusiast in the Surrey area and aren't expected to see the light of day in the public eye for some considerable time, if ever again.

*don't mock, I made them VERY quickly!

Thus ends my portion of this layout's life.
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This is a lovely layout, you must be sad to see it go. It's also one of the few (the only?) layouts on RMWeb that I've managed to see in the flesh, it was a real treat.
Thanks Will. I'm a little sad as it's the first layout I ever 'finished', but the space is needed for Isle Ornsay, and there are a few things on Dunbracken now which I feel I could do better, so they grate a little when I see them.

An interesting project, but it was always designed as a test, so not intended to have a long life with me.
A fitting end to a terrific layout!


A while ago I uncovered a mention of a proposed line on the Isle of Skye (the largest of the Inner Hebrides) which was to be built to narrow gauge, and would cover some 74 miles in total.

I managed to find the plans of a survey undertaken in 1898 in the National Archives, these have been researched in detail and a layout has been planned from these. The setting for the layout is Isle Ornsay, the southernmost terminus of the line, but it may be extended in the future to incorporate some more of the proposal.

This blog documents how I am using the plans and bridging the gap between the proposals and a constructed line, interwoven with local history of the area.

The layout will be exhibitable and will occupy a space of approximately 7'x11' in a curved L shape.

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