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Roxey Summers Iron Ore Hopper part 8 - Hopper 4.

Posted by halfwit , in iron ore hopper 15 March 2012 · 612 views

Roxey Mouldings John Summers iron ore hopper
The internal hopper divider is made from 2 parts, the lower part needs folding to shape. You're asked to scribe a fold line to help form the top, for this I used an engineers scriber followed by a 'scrawker', which can be seen in the photo below;

Attached Image

As the angle would be less than 90 degrees I deliberately scribed the fold line so that its on the outside of the bend.

The lower part is a sloppy fit in the hopper, resulting in gaps;

Attached Image

Attached Image

Better this side;

Attached Image

Not my neatest work I'm afraid, more cleaning up to be done and it will be filled later, and anyway it will be mostly hidden.
If I'd fettled the part to try and achieve a closer fit, removing material from the edges of the etched part, it would have made divider too small. Its already slightly undersized as it is. The top part of the divider was a much nicer fit however.

The hopper side ribs are, as I've stated before, the wrong angle for the modified hopper body so a little gentle piercing saw work is required, the cut can just be seen on the inside of the angle;

Attached Image

This allows the angle to be closed up to match the hopper side, unmodified rib in the foreground, modified one behind tacked in place;

Attached Image

There's twelve of these to cut and solder in place...

188 degree solder and the Antex used again.

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It is coming on nicely. I have always fancied a rake of the SR bogie hoppers. Think I will have to save up.
Those strengthening ribs must be a nightmare to do.
Mar 15 2012 22:14
Looking really good Paul! And the bottom part in the hopper won't be seen anyway wheither running empty or loaded your doing a cracking job sir:)


Thanks for the comments.
The strengthening ribs aren't that bad as long as you have a steady hand, steady mind and fine blade in the piercing saw.
Its a shame about the hopper bottom, I would prefer to have made a neater job of it.


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