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Some Photographic Mucking About

Posted by D869 , in class 22, out and about, locos 12 September 2016 · 945 views

A little 'photo op' that I'd been planning since I found out that St Ruth and St Blazey would both be appearing at last weekend's Swindon show.


The inspiration was a John Chalcraft photo that I bought when I was building D6309. It shows the real D6309 at St Blazey in 1969 in front of what appears to be a duff Duff. The same photo is also the inspiration for the weathering job on my model.




My attempt at something similar. Getting the camera low enough proved impossible and lighting was also a bit tricky, so I moved everything over by one road from the real photo. I didn't try to replicate the open hatches on the Duff.


Attached Image


That DG coupling is really looking rather 'well used' now - D6309 is the usual St Ruth yard pilot so has now done plenty of useful work at exhibitions.


Thanks of course to John Greenwood for building the set for this photo.

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