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The unbearable lightness of plastic (video)

Posted by Mikkel , in Videos, Rolling stock 04 March 2011 · 1,280 views

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Just a little follow-up video clip here to illutrate that good old whitemetal still has its advantages...

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You mean you don't fit working brakes? Seriously though I found that the setting up of the pin points was more crucial than the weight for free running. Also in long trains a cast wagon at the end tended to pull the light plastic ones off.
Chris Nevard
Mar 04 2011 10:20
A fun video - emjoyed the others in your cllection too B)
Great video Mikkel, thank you.

That has also reminded me I need to add some weight to some of my wagons. Its surprising how important it is, not only to engines but also all rolling stock.

Missy :)
Thanks for providing a smile on a Friday lunchtime... wonderfully illustrated with a sense of suspence and mystery B)

Nice one Mikkel...I like the bottle of scotch as a back drop...
Mar 04 2011 13:10
This gives me another excuse to delay the completion of my first wagon even further - need to conduct extended experiments to determine a suitable level of weight to add....

Pete - I think you may need to change your specs from 2mm or 7mm to the 4mm ones - it looked like Irish Whiskey to me (speaking as a non-expert)Posted Image


Pete - I think you may need to change your specs from 2mm or 7mm to the 4mm ones - it looked like Irish Whiskey to me (speaking as a non-expert)Posted ImageDavid

I stand corrected...I thought 'scotch' was a general term for scottish/irish whisky...this spanish lifestyle is affecting my roots... :lol:
Looks like we...

...need to conduct extended experiments to determine a suitable...

...whisk(e)y to accompany wagon building...
Worsdell forever
Mar 04 2011 15:20
They need a new category at the awards ceremony's for this... Posted Image
Nice one Mikkel - j

However, there is also a clue in the glass (comparing the fluid surface to that of the wagon in front of it) shows your table has a definite 'list'. Could this be designated a 'spirit level' - and is the table also 'Brahms & Lizt'?



PS - the wagon looks even better on the move!

I stand corrected...I thought 'scotch' was a general term for scottish/irish whisky...

If he had a scotch (jammed in the wheels) perhaps the wagon woudn't roll along the table...

I thought of fixing the table but decided to leave it as it is, for future wagon testing purpose. This is how railway modellers move through the world, isn't it: Everything has a possible alternative use!

There you are waiting, it seems forever, and then 4 (yes Four) pass you by in 22 secs.,.......

PS: That Irish Whiskey (Jameson's) seems to have a bit of sediment in it, none of the clarity of a good Scotch.
I'm afraid it's just the same wagon, with a bit of video editing :yes: Nowt more than a bit of fun (well, for the maker at least).

Sediment in the whiskey, eh? Well with the cost of modelling materials I have to save money somewhere :lol:

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