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The Sidelight Job

Posted by Mikkel , in The Depot, Construction 28 November 2011 · 1,524 views

Depot construction GWR
Not quite a "heist" movie, but my family did wonder what I was up to in the basement this weekend...

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Job's Modelling
Nov 28 2011 09:34
I like the idea to create a nice scene on such a small space in a picture frame.
Looks great.

Now that's different! I would never have thought of that.

A great use of what would normally be a boring piece of plain MDF, I like that idea a lot.

You understand that you are NOT allowed to be called a modeller any more, right? This is art. You are an artist.

Stunning... simply stunning.
Your work always makes me smile Mikkel! As Jan says art comes into the equation; you certainly see a different approach to do some things to anyone else I know.

Sheer genius. :)
Nov 28 2011 11:43
And whose version of the Pink Panther was that?
Very clever indeed! :)
Simple, but so, so effective !
OK, that is officially brilliant.
Nov 28 2011 13:37
Fantastic... shared that on Facebook.

But what are they saying to each other I wonder. :scratchhead:
Fantastic. I hope my Edwardian scene looks as good when I get round to it.
Very simple but absolutely brilliant.
Whoa, many thanks everyone!  Particularly heartwarming as I left on some work travel after uploading this, so am a long way from home just now. But RMweb is everywhere :-)

Yes, its simple stuff. A more elaborate picture frame could be chosen in order to help set the scene through its design or livery, but in this case I opted for something simple The concept could be expanded/adapted to provide controlled viewing of the wider layout through multiple picture frames. I'm considering this for the rear view of the depot.

Not sure what the two are discussing. Could be a mising fire bucket. But more on that later :-)
Mikkel.., amazing, enjoyable and educational again. Fantastic as ever! Sorry for not commenting earlier... I was on business aswell... but with no wireless!!!!
Thanks Jon :-) But very disappointing that you are not permanently logged on to RMweb! Don't think you can escape from us! As Al Pacino says in The Godfather: Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in! :-)
Dec 03 2011 17:51
+1 what Jan said. It's so refreshing to see what could be such a mundane concept turned on it's head by thinking outside of the box - and almost literally at that - and then you get all that lovely atmospheric lighting in the 'after' shots...just fab. The Farthing Layouts - one of my favourite concepts and definitely my favourite blog.
Thanks very much Buckjumper. Since these are micros, it is a bit embarassing that overall progress is so slow when compared to the epic undertakings that I greatly admire, such as your own Basilica Fields (no other comparison intended!). But as I think you'll agree, it's all very much about enjoying the process, isn't it.

Absolutely brilliant! I really admire your work, the attention to detail is fantastic.

Many thanks Ian. I fear the attention to detail is a bit selective in my case - I still have much to learn on the technical aspects of stock and track etc. Just had another look at your baulk road, it does look superb. Am considering a siding or two laid in this way on the next Farthing layout so I might pester you on that at some point. But don't worry, it's still way out in the future :-)
Hi Mikkel -

Back on line now & catching up with 'Farthing' - EXCELLENT!


Remarkable Mikkel. I loved the video. What else is there to say about the master of the cameo?!
Thanks gents :-) It made for some light relief while waiting for various components to arrive from the UK. (I can't fathom the mail from Britain these days. Two parcels are sent the same day - one arrives within 5 days, the other takes 3 weeks?)

And whose version of the Pink Panther was that?


I wasn't quite sure, but apparently the original one! So for copyright reasons I've had to replace the music. Not quite the same effect now, but a bit of jazz never hurt anyone.

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