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Long time no post!

Posted by Kelly , in Woolwich Dockyard, General Modelling, Ideas & Inspirations 27 October 2014 - - - - - - · 435 views
SR EMU, SR 3rd Rail, EM Guage and 1 more...
So it has been over a year since the last time I updated this blog about what I was thinking of/planning.

Some big changes occurred in that time, namely I moved house, to a smaller 1bed ground floor flat. This has presented problems and Improvements in equal measure.

The biggest improvement has been mobility/health. I no longer have to contend with a my...


An update of sorts..

Posted by Kelly , in General Modelling 01 October 2013 - * * * - - · 353 views

I've not been active on RMweb for a while due to a mixture of health and other matters taking precedence.

Owing to financial situations of both myself and Natalie, layout progress or building sadly hasn't occured. But with enough plans in our heads collectively we will manage something eventually.

Out of all the plans we do have, we are likely to hopefu...


Tidying things up a little

Posted by Kelly , in General Modelling, West Cromwell Road, Winterbourne Exchange 19 February 2012 - * - - - - · 320 views

I've decied the bst way to make this blog readabe and so on, is to split West Cromwell Road to its own blog, similarly for the RAF Chilmark inspired layout, which has now been given the name of Winterbourne Exchange.

I'll leave the content already here in place, as no sense in changing that.

But future updates here will be more generalised, and...


IKEA APA boxes for West Cromwell Road?

Posted by Kelly , in West Cromwell Road, Ideas & Inspirations, General Modelling 16 February 2012 - - - - - - · 1,628 views
small layouts, LT and 3 more...
Recently I've been giving thought to what to use for the boards/storage for West Cromwell Road.

I had initially thought about using a combination of plywood and foamboard. Whilst this would be very light, with my health, it'll require more effort and time. I intend to use it for the Chilmark layout however as the IKEA APA boxes I've decided...


West Cromwell Road Stock thoughts...

Posted by Kelly , in West Cromwell Road 16 February 2012 - - - - - - · 631 views
West Cromwell Road and 5 more...
Been giving some though to West Cromwell Road again today, whilst not being able to get much else done due to being too ill.
The main stock/train movements is going (possibly) to consist of:
LT pannier tank (ex-GWR 57xx)
Rolls-Royce/Sentinel (0-6-0DM (Judith Edge Kits) [3 aquired by LT 1971, one a Lillie Bridge, replaced Panniers]


What to do with old Airfix/Dapol kits..

Posted by Kelly , in General Modelling 14 February 2012 - * * - - - · 1,876 views
Airfix, kits
So I have a small number of Dapol/Airfix plastic kits. One of a BoB, a few of mineral wagons, some tank wagons and other assorted ones. Think theres a Schools in there somewhere too.

The BoB isn't going to be anywhere near as good as Hornby's current model, but I had the thought that it could well be usable to make up as a loco being taken to scrap...


Been a while

Posted by Kelly , in Uncategorized, General Modelling, West Cromwell Road 13 February 2012 - * * - - - · 530 views

Has been a while since I last visited the site. Other things and my health have kept me occupied really. Health has been very poor over the last 6 months.

Am still going to exhibitions with Natalie when i/we can manage it. The last one being the Leamington Spa & Warwick MRS Show at the NAC, Stoneleigh, which we both enjoyed a lot.

As well as that we...


Progress.. of sorts

Posted by Kelly , in General Modelling, West Cromwell Road 03 July 2011 - - - - - - · 204 views

Still recovering from Saturday, but a fantastic day it was! Photos are edited and online. Video to follow later.

Been discussing West Cromwell Road (name for 2011 Challenge entry) more with Natalie, so a finalised trackplan and arrangement has been worked out with the aid of old stock and track to get impression of what fits etc.

More work on track...


Another plan...

Posted by Kelly , in Narrow Gauge, Winterbourne Exchange 24 June 2011 - - - - - - · 225 views
narrow gauge, chilmark, MoD
Decided to download Inkscape and have a go drawing a full plan. It is still rather rough and still needs more thought, but I think its starting to give an idea of whats what and where etc.

Added a road section to allow lorries to load/unload from the transship shed as well as a tank/truck/vehicle ramp for loading/unloading onto trains etc.



Ponderings and stuff

Posted by Kelly , in Winterbourne Exchange, West Cromwell Road, General Modelling, Exhibitions 19 June 2011 - - - - - - · 247 views
DEMU Showcase, Chilmark, MoD and 1 more...
After having a rather busy last few weeks with DEMU Showcase and a DEMU airbrush/weathering meetup in Tamworth haven't had much chance to sit and do anything at the newly cleared workbench alas.

However, conversations with Natalie have progressed on various aspects of both the Salisbury/Chilmark layout plans and possible subjects for the RMWeb 2011...

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