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Parcels duff gets a weathering job completed

Posted by jonas , 03 December 2017 · 469 views

47474 parcels n gauge duff Class 47 Spoon weathering

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Latest addition to the fleet is this Farish duff in original parcels livery. I’ve always been a fan of this livery (and the later RES version) so have had my eyes peeled for one for a while to pull my growing collection of parcels vans. Given the usual weathering treatment of enamel washes, details picked out in acrylics, a coat of matt varnish and a few powders to add a bit of texture. NEM pocket removed from the leading bogie so it doesn’t foul the bufferbeam gubbins. Happy with this!

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Dec 10 2017 20:05
The red looks faded and nicely so, was that something you intended with the washes or how did it come about?
Hi, the washes are added top to bottom, and then wiped off with a flat brush dipped in a touch of thinner after a few minutes - this process was repeated until I was happy! Really this just left some shading around the detail, although the cab fronts received extra attention.

The dulling down of the red was indeed something I’d hoped for, I didn’t risk washing the red with white (too pink) or yellow (too orange) to fade it though. I always use a matt varnish finish from a can - it’s probably the most important stage of the whole process to transform something from out if the box IMO - and two coats seemed to just capture the look I was after. It’s subtle, but looks nice in natural light, I’m glad you like it!
Hi jonas Have just stumbled across this amidst searching for info about parcels van withdrawal dates - and I got dragged back into RMweb and your blog. Really lovely work, very inspiring for the n gauger. I'd like to know a bit more about your techniques but can't seem to find enough. All the best.

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