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Some of my latest locos: tractor, rat and can

Posted by jonas , 12 February 2018 · 443 views

N gauge weathering class 37 Class 25 Class 86

Just a quick update with some pics of my latest bits of weathering...first two off to their new homes and he last one for my own collection.


Attached Image
Attached Image


A sound fitted Regional Rail Class 37 - sounds amazing a real treat to play with!


Attached Image
Attached Image


A grubby rat! I reckon they came out of the works grubby. I mean, have you ever seen a clean blue one?!


Attached Image
Attached Image


Lastly a Freightliner 86 on the classy original green livery. Probably one of the nicest of the freight operator liveries in my opinion. Can’t wait to set it loose at the head of my container train!

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