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Welcome to the New Copley Hill Works!

Posted by S.A.C Martin , 10 October 2009 · 2,622 views

Eastern Region Steam B12 Copley Hill Tornado

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Welcome to the New Copley Hill Works!

I much enjoyed my time updating the old Copley Hill Works blog on the old RMweb (and for those interested, it can be found as a link in my signature for the time being), and in my time updating the blog, I had a stab at making quite a few locomotives. Some went well, some didn't quite make the grade, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed working on my projects and was delighted to share them with so many knowledgeable people willing to help me through.

The intention of this initial post is to provide a list of projects and links to their relevant blog posts. I have therefore taken it on myself to provide an archive of my original RMweb3 blog.

The final post in the Old Copley Hill Works can be found here.

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Copley Hill Works (RMweb 3)
The Front Page

60525 A.H Peppercorn
Part 1: The Chassis
Part 2: Cylinder Bash
Part 3: Undercoats
Part 4: Brunswick Beauty

60903, "Herbert"
Cartazzi, Weathering

72009, Clan Stewart
Part 1: "Clan from a Brit"
Part 2: Golden Arrow Kit
Part 3: Undercoats
Part 4: Brunswick Green
Part 5: Lining Out
Part 6: First to Finish
Part 7: Green Cylinders
Part 8: Weathered Ending

60113, Great Northern (TBF)
Part 1: Gresley to Thompson
Part 2: Superheaters
Part 3: Running Plate
Part 4: Express Passenger Blue

Departmental no.6, "Percy"
Percy the Pug

60163, Tornado
Part 1: Doncastor to Darlington
Part 2: Blue Paint & Lining
Part 3: Just Whistle!

62536, D16/3
Part 1: B12 to D16...

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Copley Hill Works (RMweb 4)


Codename: Industrial Saddletank
Developing a Beginner's Bodyshell kit to fit on the standard Hornby 0-4-0 chassis.

Part 1: Research and 3D Development
Part 2: Further 3D Developments
Part 3: Sean's 3D Remodelling
Part 4: Front End Modifications

Project Malta
Designing and building a model based on a long lost Malta Railway locomotive.

Part 1: Manning Wardle 0-6-0
Part 2: Developing the 3D Mesh
Part 3: Placeholder Chassis

Thompson K1 Kitbash
Cutting and shutting Bachmann components to make a K1.
Part 1: Kit of Parts

Hornby "Black Fives"
Comparing and Contrasting the Hornby Railroad Black Five and the Super Detail version.

Part 1: Into the Black! Railroad 45249
Part 2: Stanier Twins...or not?

"Bachby" Class 29
Continuing an ongoing RMweb project.

Part 1: Delivery to the Works
Part 2: Windows & Green Paint

Stirling Single Kitbash
Creating a reasonable "Stirling Single" from a Bachmann "Emily" model.

Part 1: 'No.1' in the Works
Part 2: No.1's Tender
Part 3: No.1's Cab
Part 4: Preparing for Drilling
Part 5: Still Preparing...new chimney though!

LNER J11 - Restoration
Restoring an old white metal GCR J11 locomotive.

Part 1: Forward!
Part 2: Pom-Pom Progress-Progress
Part 3: The Further Progression

LNER W1 - Graeme King's Rebuild of a Hornby A4
A Delightful conversion of a Hornby A4 into a Gresley W1.

Delivery to Copley Hill

60500 Edward Thompson - Graeme King's Conversion of a Bachmann A2
Converting a Bachmann A2 into an A2/3.

Delivery to Copley Hill

Hornby B12/3 - 61572 "Stephen"
Detailing an old Hornby B12 model.

Part 1: Return of an Old Friend
Part 2: Doing up a B12

2010 Layout Challenge

S.A.C Martin's Entry

The Sidcup & Danson Lake Railway

Part 1: Inspiration Strikes!
Part 2: Creative Writing
Part 3: Motive Power Debate
Part 4: Ebay Thoughts

Hornby Clerestory Conversion - GCR Coaches
Cut and Shutting some older Hornby Clerestories.

Part 1: First Cuts
Part 2: Grab Handles
Part 3: Buffers & Wheels
Part 4: Paint Mixes
Part 5: Roof Grey & Torpedo Vents
Part 6: Adding to the rake

Airfix LMS Suburbans - BR Repaints
Repainting some old Airfix Suburbans.

Part 1: Repainting the Rake

Hornby Railroad Crane Conversions
Repainting and modifying the yellow BR crane.

Crane Crazy!

Copley Hill
Part 1: Copley Hill Mk1
Part 2: Dismantling 56C
Part 3: Scenic Work on Baseboards
Part 4: Concrete Proof
Part 5: Building the Carriage Works
Part 6: The Shed Goes Up
Part 7: Old Photographs...

Sidcup, 1990s, NSE
The Departure Board

Diesel Reviews
Falcon, Deltic & Kestrel

Steam Reviews:
Bachmann 60163 Tornado

Steam Reviews:
Hornby 60163 Tornado

Wagon Reviews:
Dapol Presflo

Oct 10 2009 19:23
A nice summary, Simon - always enjoyed reading your Copley Hill thread on the old RMweb - looking forward to seeing some new updates on here!
S.A.C Martin
Oct 10 2009 23:00
Thanks chap :) There'll be a first update in a few minutes, I'm just working out how the pictures work again...! ;)

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