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Centenary restaurant first part 2

Posted by The Fatadder , 07 December 2017 · 518 views

CRE centenary

Onto part two, the second side followed the same approach as the first, with an awful lot of plastic removed from the side to clear the windows. I have also added a fillet of superglue to reinforce the area above the inset doors to provide additional strength.
I have also made a start on the roof, although a lot more conversion work is required.


I have one question that I am yet to confirm, at the kitchen end on the corridor side is there a window? I know ther is not a window on the non corridor side.


Despite climbing over the prototype at one of the rmweb Didcot visits I didn’t get good details here


Another detail I would like to confirm is the diameter of the gas tanks, but this will be ok waiting until July and this years Didcot tour


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Dec 07 2017 13:42

Go to the old Comet site and see if the PDF of their Centenary RF is still there. It should show the undergubbins and you can ask Rob Sweet about the tanks. There may also be a pic of the coach and it could be the side you need? 

The Fatadder
Dec 07 2017 13:45
I have the instructions, I just don’t give much faith in Comet when it comes to underframe bits. The tanks in particular are awful (for GWR at least), will pm Rob in a min and ask for a photo of his on the required side

I once asked Geoff Brewin about these underframes for these coaches - as I wasn't happy with the way they looked compared to photos I'd sourced. They are LNER underframes to get the gas tanks to fit. But they look too long between the queen posts. You can get the gas tanks to fit between a proper GWR underframe. The coach I built with the tanks was a H38.



These coaches had five gas tanks and they're a bastard to squeeze between the queen posts. You will need to modify the Comet underframe to fit them. I can measure the distance required if needed. I think I used just the ends on plastic tube in the end. It's been a while....

The Fatadder
Dec 07 2017 16:14
I found on my H26 that the comet castings were far too large compared with the prototype (no doubt based on a different Railways design. In the end I made my own, as I will for the H43 once I have measured then prototype

The underframe truss will be the Airfix moulding, so will need to check the queen post spacing is right
Dec 07 2017 16:38

Ah, all singing from the naff tanks songsheet. Yup, best to make yer own. Large plassi straw anyone?

There is a door with droplight at both ends of the corridor as well as the pair amidships for loading the kitchen & pantry. On the non-corridor side the L/H end door is blanked off as there's a fair amount of cupboardage on the other side of it.


Gas Tanks - The originals are long gone as it was converted to Propane in BR days.


This might help though:—


105031 Centenary Diner
Pete S.
The Fatadder
Dec 07 2017 19:07
That’s brilliant thanks, Job for tomorrow while the restaurant third side is drying

That’s brilliant thanks, Job for tomorrow while the restaurant third side is drying

The uploader mangled the plan a bit, hopefully this crop will be a bit clearer:—



The Fatadder
Dec 07 2017 19:34
Even better thanks There’s a good photo in Russel to work from, will check later if I have the right diameter of tube else place an order tomorrow


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