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Centenary Restaurant Third

Posted by The Fatadder , 11 January 2018 · 627 views


Rather than getting frustrated with handrails on my County once again, last night I made a start on the next Centenary build (a Restaurant Third). The process is getting a little repetitive now (dismantle coach, cut the rain strip off the etch, cut a large hole in the side, evostick together. The plus side is that I am getting quite fast at the process, with the removal of the Airfix glazing taking longer than fitting the first side. Tonight I aim to complete the second side of this coach along with converting the first side of a composite.


Here it is along with the restaurant first (which is still pending the roof modifications that will be tackled at the same time as the thirds roof). Which does remind me that I have forgotten the lessons learned while working on the first (in that I should have done the roof modifications before I started chopping up the sides!)Attached Image Attached Image

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Nice one - yes, it helps to do the roof stuff first as, when you've fitted the sides, I find that the coaches don't like being flexed too much especially around any joints that have been filled. However, I forget to do this every time as well.

Lovely job! I have a centenary diner first to do for Little Didcot so I will follow this one with interest!

All the best,

The Fatadder
Jan 11 2018 23:31
Well I did the other side tonight (evostick currently setting) and sorted out the roof of the third (nice and easy to remove the panel) I also removed the underframe box ready to start rebuilding

Castle, are you planning to concert Airfix/Hornby or go for the full comet kit? I was in two minds st the start, but having now done 2 thirds, a left hand brake and the restaurant pair I’m glad I went down the conversion route as I don’t think there’s a huge difference between them, while I’m saving at least £25 a coach!

Tomorrow I want to get the roof of the restaurant pair finished and the first side on the composite.

Once these are done I have a final RH brake left that I am considering converting into a BCK....
I have a full Comet kit but it was a Christmas present from Mrs Castle so cost is a bit neither here nor there really if you see what I mean. The only bit of the Comet kit for these and the super saloons I don’t like is doing the angled ends. It’s a bit of a fiddle so I can see the appeal of using the RTR body! I will have to have a think about that one... All the best, Castle
The Fatadder
Jan 12 2018 18:06
While I can’t comment on the ends, the recessed sections on the sides certainly make the restaurant first were the hardest I’ve done. I’m not a big fan of the comet design for the recesses, I think the flat section with filler would have been better with two fold up sections profiles to match the side. I still need to research super saloon workings in 1947, as I rather fancy converting some.....
Absolutely - the super saloons are a must for Little Didcot as there are three of the things there! Surely a special MUST have come through at some point?
The Fatadder
Jan 12 2018 23:11
Info on the use of super saloons in 46/47 seems rather fun on the ground annoyingly


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