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Centenary composite

Posted by The Fatadder , 12 January 2018 · 355 views


Tonight I have cracked on with the last coach for my down Cornish Riveria formation, a composite again built with comet sides on a Hornby body. This is both for consistency with the rest of the take and as an easy way to add the window detail


Construction followed all the other build with one extra step. Comet have cocked up the forming of the etch, so it doesn’t have the same profile as the restaurant pair (it is flatter) so I had to reform the tumble Home.


Of course I only realise this after gluing the first side in place and then wondering why a gap was appearing at the bottom of the side when I clamped the top!Attached Image


The other side will be added tomorrow

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I did one of these recently and I didn't notice the tumblehome difference - must check. Too late to do anything, though, as I've glued it together.

The Fatadder
Jan 12 2018 22:48
I think it must just be a one off, I don’t recall any issue with the other 5 that I’ve built. In fact I had to check to be sure, but sure enough comparing the left over brass from the ends of the etch the different profile is clearly visible. I assume comet make coaches to a couple of different profiles and this one was put through the wrong press
The Fatadder
Jan 14 2018 08:58
The other side did not go well,worst of all that I’ve done! The top joint did not bond well, do it’s out with superglue for repairs


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