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Siphons for Cheddar - Siphon J Build

Posted by The Fatadder , 04 February 2012 · 912 views

Siphon J GWR
One of the most important sources of traffic to Cheddar was Strawberries, So much so that there were a dedicated fleet of Siphons marked return to Yatton which were used on this traffic.

Through a discussion with Chris F back at Scaleforum, he mentioned that a Siphon J was included in this fleet. Wanting something a bit different to the Lima and Airfix models that will make up the rest of the fleet, I have finally got hold of a Mallard Models kit

First impressions were good, though a further inspection of the etch quality left a bit to be desired, some half etch was missing and other bits needed a lot of cleaning up. All to be expected on an old second hand kit.

I stated by folding up the components, the long folds on the sides were a bit tricky where the half etching was not complete. the chassis sub frame included 4 uprights for the trussing on which there was no half etch so these were removed to be replaced with L shaped brass

The ends consist of 2 parts, an inner with a fold up bracket that aids alignment with the sides, and a detailed outer with the planking. The inner brackets were soldered in place, then the bracket adjusted to ensure alignment with the sides. I then soldered the first end onto the side, followed by the other end.
In each case I used the block from a GW models wheel press along with an engineers square to ensure everything was kept square.

With one side soldered to both ends, it was a choice to add the chassis or other side. I went with the latter as the sub chassis was not completely flat (as a result of issues bending non half etched bits 90 degrees) So the other side was soldered on, followed by the sub chassis

This takes it to the condition of the below photo:
Attached Image
While the soldering inside is crude (none of it can be seen on the finished model, I like lots of solder on a but joint like this.) the soldering on the outer corners of the ends is much tidier (it needs cleaning up still in the photo). This outer soldering was more as a filler than for strength.

Still to do: There are lots of small parts to add, including the door hinges (32 of them), door locking bars, end steps, a complete scratch built set of underframe trusses, and the bogies (for which there are no instructions explaining where the numinous castings go.
For the side/end details, the plan is to solder on as much as possible (though I suspect the hinges will be glued!)
The vac formed plastic roof looks a pretty close shape, and will be added once the soldering is finished.
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Did you ever get around to finishing this model Rich.Saw an O gauge version on a layout at Leamington and thought they made a nice vehicle.Blacksmith have one listed which might be this one of yours.

The Fatadder
Jan 20 2013 15:32

This is the Mallard kit, which I understand went into the Blacksmith and now Coopercraft range.


At the moment it is in much the same state as above as it has taken me until today to buy the brass L to finish fabricating the underframe (my ebayed kit  didn't have enough)


Once that is soldered on I can start gluing on the rest of the components (the etched end steps were rubbish and will be replaced, then it needs door details and the roof gluing on. 


Looking at it, I think the model is currently sitting in about 4th place in the queue at the moment, so hopefully if my current pace continues I will get to it soon...

Yes the kits are with Coopercraft but are not listed as yet.I quessing the etches are the old Mallard ones.


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