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Another year, another project.

Posted by milkman matt , 28 January 2018 - - - - - - · 271 views

Hi all. I trust everyone had a happy Christmas and that the big guy was good to them. Hands up all those who got a lump of coal. As I've said previously, rail modellers are a lucky lot. If we're good, we get what we want for Christmas and if we're bad, we get a lump of coal which we could use anyway so it's a win win situation. :mosking: I must have...


Old dogs and all that.

Posted by milkman matt , 26 November 2017 - - - - - - · 233 views

Old dogs and all that. Seems I have been slacking off a bit with my blog entries of late. I blame the weather. Now that it's warming up, I'm spending more time outside and less in the train room but that doesn't mean I have been slacking off in the room altogether. The ongoing project of the grounded coach body continues and seems to be slowly turning into a diorama o...


Running up that Hill(man)

Posted by milkman matt , 01 October 2017 - - - - - - · 344 views

Having got the grounded coach to near completion, including the fitting of internal lighting, and also finishing the MMS Hillman van kit, my attention has turned once again to the baseboards and a small step forward has been made in the form of a slope to the upper level. It isn't quite as I would have hoped it would be in as much as it seems a little ste...


Getting back into it......again.

Posted by milkman matt , 13 August 2017 - - - - - - · 348 views

Now that my life is returning to something resembling normality, I have managed to get more done in the train room! :) I have roped my cabinet maker neighbour into constructing the bridge piece for my layout (he rarely says no to a cash job) so I may actually make some headway with the layout in the not too distant future. I probably should think abo...


Hmm Now what?

Posted by milkman matt , 18 July 2017 - - - - - - · 502 views

Ok, this is getting ridiculous now. Those of you who have been following this saga would know of my heart attack in January. Well, 4 Weeks ago, I found myself in hospital once again but, this time, it was a bleed in the bowel. The remedy this time was for the doctors to remove 1/3 of my bowel. Hopefully, that will be the last time for a good while to come...


oooh that will be my new gas cooker!

Posted by milkman matt , 06 June 2017 - - - - - - · 400 views

With apologies to Monty Python! Received a couple of packages last week which has helped move things along a bit. First up, I received two white metal kits from MMS models which I ordered about 3 weeks back. Apparently the delay was caused by the ABF (Australian Customs) wanting to take a look inside the package. Maybe one of them is thinking of taki...


Cookers are like buses!

Posted by milkman matt , 19 May 2017 - - - - - - · 329 views

It seems that, if you wait long enough you will find more than you need. In my last entry, I mentioned that I need to keep an eye out for a cooker for the grounded carriage project. By some happy coincidence this week, I found a set of interior furniture by Noch (set 14833) that includes not one but three different cookers! It's a puzzle as to why th...


Unexpected diversion

Posted by milkman matt , 12 April 2017 - - - - - - · 301 views

Strange and exciting things are afoot in the train room this week. First up, I took delivery of a custom made book case thanks again to my neighbour. He also made those modifications to my work bench that I alluded to in one of my previous entries. I now have all of my books in one place and not spread throughout the house (Believe me, they were!) an...


Building on many Levels

Posted by milkman matt , 05 April 2017 - - - - - - · 352 views

Well, only two levels actually. Baseboard construction has been proceeding apace now and I feel that I'm on the home straight. With the exception of the bridging piece, today saw the last of the lower level frames completed and supports for the upper level built. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no Carpenter/joiner but, I am quite happy with the result...


Moving on.

Posted by milkman matt , 03 March 2017 - - - - - - · 281 views
Baseboards, Plans, Any rail
As I mentioned in my last update, I had a heart attack in January (21st) this year which not only slowed me down but also acted as a bit of a wake up call. You'd think 20 years of rescue work would have done that but, no, these things always happen to other people! It has been mentioned several times since that I am still young (turned 53 on Jan 4) and st...


2 weddings, a funeral and a heart attack!

Posted by milkman matt , 26 February 2017 - - - - - - · 296 views

25/02/17  Ok, so this is turning into a bit of a saga now. After a bit of a slack period due to work commitments, home commitments, a rushed wedding in country Victoria followed by a repeat 2 months later and the passing of my father after a brief bout with cancer, I finally got started building some baseboards. I managed to get 2 done before I suff...


Some (very slow) progress

Posted by milkman matt , 26 February 2017 - - - - - - · 121 views

2015  Wow! Is it really 4 years since I started this? Not sure what happened but things came to a halt for too long after the last entry. Now it is moving ahead again. I'm not going to make bold predictions this time. Just make entries as things happen. First up, I finally finished the walls and gave the interior a coat of paint.
 Next up ca...


It all started......

Posted by milkman matt , 15 September 2011 - - - - - - · 145 views

When we bought our house about 10 years ago, One of my many plans was to create a space for me to have a model railway. The garage was earmarked for conversion to a room for that purpose. Finally after years of inaction due to life, IVF, My Wifes cancer and just plain lack of money, I am about a month off
having one. The house came with a "double" Garage...

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