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A Useful Technique on the Bratchell Class 455/9 Windows

Posted by SRman , 15 April 2018 · 404 views

Bratchell Models OO gauge Class 455/9 South West Trains Electra Graphics Sharpie silver pen

After a long pause, I have done a little more work on the Bratchell class 455/9 unit, having received a message from Adam of Electra Railway Graphics that he is nearly finished with the South West Trains vinyls for the unit. I have long been putting off painting the window frames, but recently bought a Sharpie permanent marker pen in silver with a view to trying it out on the frames. So far, I think it has been very successful: marking out the raised frames took me around 45 minutes to do the lot, and the paint/ink medium seems to dry quickly and can stand a bit of handling.


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Painting the Window Frames - 1 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr

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I have inserted the windows in the first coach, a TSO, and no problems have shown up at all. As always, I have used Krystal Klear as the glue for the windows.

Fitting the Windows - 2 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr

Fitting the Windows - 1 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr

More progress on the 455/9, with all windows now fitted.

The front end painting is still very rough, and can't really be completed properly until the vinyls arrive and I can match the colours to the vinyls.

Fitting the Windows - 5 cropped by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr

Fitting the Windows - 4 by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr

I expended a little bit of energy tonight and fitted the side frames to the motor bogies on the 455/9 unit. Like the previous 455/8 and 319/1 units I built, the side frames had to lose 1mm from their wheelbases to match up with the Replica motorised chassis I used for each of them. The chassis bogies have clip in side frames that are blank, and also act as a good, solid backing for the kit side frames after they have been cut and rejoined. I usually cut either side of the central bolster/air bag moulding and rejoin the 'arms' with the axleboxes and springs to the central unit after a small amount of filing - the cuts themselves lose almost enough material, but need just a little more taken off.

After that, I filed the backing plates to match the profile of the kit side frames, then press-fitted them back onto the relevant bogies.

A quick test (still on address 3 until I get the vinyls with the unit and coach numbers on), and all is well with it. I'll have to note on the motor coach (MSO) base which way is 'forwards', for future reference when forming the unit up.

A photo of what I was talking about in yesterday's post.

Power Bogie Frames Adapted and Fitted cropped by Jeffrey Lynn, on Flickr

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