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Brafferton - 2mm Finescale


Big Brother

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical 09 March 2013 - * * * * * · 919 views

Somewhere, yes somewhere, is a "to do" list following the outing to St Albans. No doubt it will show up or I'll write another one following the Ormesby Hall show.

Anyway, I did know that the point control box needed an upgrade. The original was squeezed into a tiny box I happened to have to hand and the wiring was from two lengths of six-core flex whose...


Wagon Refurbishment?

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Rolling Stock 03 February 2013 - * * * * * · 867 views

Yesterday was the North East Area Group meeting of The 2mm Scale Association. We had a short overview/history from Mick Simpson on the various wagon chassis available over the years.Then a good number of us sat down to progress various chassis building projects.See http://neag.2mm.org.uk/  for more detail and a few pics.Within my own fleet of stock, I hav...


Shine a Light!

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 17 November 2012 - * * * * * · 786 views

I'd been pondering station lamps for a while. A stock of Ratio ones are stashed in a drawer and I thought that these might serve. Having built on and placed it on the platform, I had to rethink. The whole thing seemed just too clunky and the uprights are square not round as per the originals.

Out with the brass tube and sheet and lets see what we can...


Why don't you just Drop In?

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Motive Power 15 November 2012 - * * * * * · 1,303 views

New to the roster at Brafferton are two DMUs a Metro Cammell class 101 in green and a Derby Lightweight class 108 in blue (yes I know; blame my lad for the increasing "modernisation"!).

Both require chipping and attention to the wheels to make them suitable for use on Brafferton; 2FS and all that. Previously I have used the wheel turning...


Joined Up Thinking

Posted by Tony Simms , in Rolling Stock, Technical 28 August 2012 - * * * * * · 888 views

Interspersed with summer holidays, I've being trying to make some improvement in anticipation of the Shipley show on 8/9 September.

One of the running issues at Nottingham was the performance of the coaches; mainly due to a hotch-potch of couplings and coupling bodges to try and get coaches closer together. To this end, I decided to make some...


Bank Holiday Blues

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 09 April 2012 - * * * * * · 1,008 views

Bit of an anticlimactic weekend following a week away in Wales. Saturday was spent sorting out the usual chaos that greets you following a period of absence and then, yesterday, there was a pile of paperwork to shuffle into some semblance of order as well as catching up with various relatives.

After all that, I really didn't feel like braving the...


OMG... ...WTF!

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical 31 March 2012 - * - - - - · 897 views

What's going on here then?

Major surgery in the yard area, that's what!

Post-Nottingham I've been obliged to take the sledgehammer to the walnut. Bits of rail have been removed, replaced and rejigged.

As a general guide:

W = widened
N = new rail
TD = still to do!
OLANB = there's the...


Taking the easy way out. Again?

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical 08 February 2012 - - - - - - · 1,069 views

Well we've been settled in the new house for a couple of months now and in the last month I've been beavering away trying to get Brafferton to a state where I won't be embarrassed by it come March and Nottingham. I'm not going to post anymore photos of the layout before Nottingham and hopefully this will make it more enjoyable for those who...


Putting a foot in it

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, General 26 October 2011 - - - - - - · 510 views

Work continues apace (well continues, we'll leave it at that) on the lighting gantry.

I needed some system to fix the five pieces together. When we were constructing the baseboards, Edward came up with some bolts with large knurled plastic knobs on. These screw by hand to a captive nut on the next baseboard and give a solid connection without the need for...


Summer's Almost Gone

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Scenic 25 September 2011 - - - - - - · 467 views

Some of us might say it's been long gone. Meanwhile I notice that I haven't posted here for over three months. Dead? Lunatic asylum? Not just yet...

A few bits and bobs have been progressed over summer. Most recently I've turned my attention to the lighting and initially the gantry:

The gantry is in five...


Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 21 May 2011 - - - - - - · 683 views

I know that one of my big failings is that I often rush into things and end up having to redo them or extricate myself from the resulting mess. This applies to life generally as well as modelling specifically!

However, that initial bodge-up often helps me understand how I might do things better and therefore as long as I learn from my mistakes, I'm...


Getting Plastered and a Rethink

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 16 May 2011 - - - - - - · 763 views

Steady progress on Brafferton continues. Mike Taylor did kindly invite the layout to Expo, but we agreed in the end to give it a break from Association events for a little while.

The station area continues to receive attention and the cattle dock base and platform (brick bit) are in. I've been playing about plastering these into the contours of the...



Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Scenic 30 March 2011 - - - - - - · 828 views

As promised, I am posting several pictures of the yard crossing following clearance of the flangeways. Once the filler had set, I initially used a Stanley knife to score close up to the inner of each rail, down as far as the tops of the chairs. This was cleared out using a 1/2" paintbrush. The knife was reversed and the score widened using the flat...


Getting Cross and Other Tales of Indiscriminate Destruction

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 27 March 2011 - - - - - - · 745 views

I think (and hope) that the worst of the winter weather is behind us. The garage having recently been relieved of workshop duties, following a batch of home improvements, the layout is once again reassembled therein.

I'd been following Pete Matcham's progress on Moorswater with interest, especially his recent travails with inlaid trackwork;...


Contrary Mary

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 21 February 2011 - - - - - - · 1,368 views


I'd established a method for construction of the station buildings. You think I'd stick to that? Not a bit of it!

The remainder of the station (seen furthest away in the preceding entry) seems to be of a later and simpler construction than the main block. It was before I'd released it, that I was picking out various pieces of...


You shall go to the ball...

Posted by Tony Simms , in Scenic, Technical 16 December 2010 - * * * * * · 666 views

... cinders!

Onward with ballasting. Over the years, I've tried various methods of everybody's favourite part of layout building. This time I noticed, when laying the Easitrac, that the Easitrac glue remains slightly rubbery, unlike normal PVA which sets fairly solid. This seemed to be a good medium for applying the ballast...


A Resumption

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Motive Power 12 December 2010 - - - - - - · 606 views

Following a barren two months (modelling-wise) I am now back at it with avengance. I hope!

Last week the Class 04 had it's chip rewired as the black lead had come adrift whilst I was fettling the couplers in anticipation of the 2mm AGM. As a result, that loco merely sat sadly on the layout unmoving....


Putting it to Bed

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Scenic 27 September 2010 - - - - - - · 369 views
bon iver, blood bank
The coal drops are now substantially complete and its time to incorporate them into the layout. With hindsight, I should have sorted out the cross board join at an earlier date and not tried to do it as part of the drops. However, what is done is done and I had to make the best job I could of the rails up to the...


Walk This Way

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Scenic 20 September 2010 - - - - - - · 313 views
rick wakeman, silent nights
Firstly my apologies to all of those who noticed the naffness of the photos in my last post. It was only later that I realised that the camera was set to something like ISO 1600 Posted Image. Sorry!

This weekend I had an enjoyable Sunday at Shipley show where there were some...


Coal Piles, Potato Pies

Posted by Tony Simms , in Technical, Scenic 07 September 2010 - - - - - - · 467 views
dave brubeck quartet, time out
Further progress today, with second track now in place. Transoms (?) are being added between the timbers and then painting will take place. There probably ought to be some transom bolts too; these will be bits of steel wire, to be added after painting:


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