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Intro and converting a Bachmann 14ton tank to EM.

Posted by halfwit , in Tank 22 November 2010 - * * * - - · 591 views
tank wagon, EM
I thought I'd start another blog to cover my wagon building. I don't build many so don't expect regular updates. I prefer to kit build but I do occasionally convert a RTR wagon to EM, RTR wagons being horribly good and difficult to resist.
Some of the content of this blog will be pretty basic to a lot of you I'm afraid but hopefully I'll...

What is it?

A blog about making wagons, all sorts of wagons, from the mundane (16T minerals) to the exotic (slag ladles), from kits, mostly to EM, from plastic, brass, whitemetal, resin. All chosen for their interest and not part of some great plan.

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