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Hydraulic Heaven


Chelford 2018

Posted by D869 , in Hayle North Quay, out and about 20 May 2018 - - - - - - · 591 views

Yesterday I took all of my various Hayle related bits and pieces to the Supermeet/Skills day at Chelford. It was a great day but it's fair to say that I was ready for some sleep by the time I got home again. 
I got a bunch of my research photos printed by one of the online companies. I hadn't actually realised just how many I'd managed to hoo...


Tractor Frames

Posted by D869 , in Hayle North Quay, Shunting Tractor 28 April 2018 - * * * * * · 566 views

I've been making bits for the shunting tractor for a while now (the one in the video in the previous post is just for testing). For the most part it will be scratchbuilt and it's a bit of a case of making up the plan as I go along... never having built a model of a wheel loader before. The cab sides and engine cover sides have been cut out from two b...


The Contraption

Posted by D869 , in Hayle North Quay, Shunting Tractor 16 March 2018 - * * * * * · 675 views

Thought it might be time to say a few word on here about the thing that's been taking up most of my modelling time since last June. The Esso depot at Hayle North Quay was laid with a kicked back siding. As the quay had no run-round, it could only be worked using a shunting tractor... so my layout needs one of those. It might have been nice to ju...


Spot the Difference?

Posted by D869 , in Hayle North Quay, wagons 19 May 2017 - * * * * * · 747 views

A little puzzle for you... On the left is a new tank which has just escaped from the paint shop. ICI supplied chlorine to Hayle in the early years before Ethyl/Octel had their own chlorine works at Ellesmere Port and there was a period during which both Octel and ICI tanks were seen together. The tanks were made by different companies for differ...


Making a Mockery

Posted by D869 , in Hayle North Quay 27 February 2017 - - - - - - · 754 views

Planning for Hayle North Quay has progressed a bit. I have now sorted out a 2d plan by combining a transparent bitmap export of the plan from Templot with some colouring in done using Inkscape. The overall depth of the layout will be 22 inches at the ends and 24 inches in the middle. The Octel office block and the whole of the Esso depot have been su...


Back to the Drawing Board

Posted by D869 , in Hayle North Quay 27 January 2017 - * * * * * · 784 views

Regular readers may have observed a certain 'theme' to some of my wagon building over the past few years and perhaps even wondered about the reason behind my seemingly incessant fixation with tank wagons. It's not a huge secret that I've been intending to do something based on what most people in our community will know as 'Hayle Wharf', so here, fin...


A blog about my own modelling projects (as distinct from the St Ruth group layout) - centered around BR WR circa 1968-1972 and my own minimum space 2mm Scale 2FS layout 'South Yard'


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