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Offside, ref!

Posted by rockershovel in rockershovel's Blog, 18 November 2018 - - - - - - · 6 views

After various discussion with my sons about the curious coincidence by which the TMO controversially intervened to disallow home tries against the All Blacks two weeks running, No 2 Son produced the following: “It should be noted that the World Rugby Laws apply equally to Players and Match Officials. Thus the Match officials Law 6 sits side by side i...


A little work on 47768 and 37612

Posted by The Fatadder in The Fatadder's Modern Workbench, 17 November 2018 - - - - - - · 75 views

I didn’t get nearly as much done as I hoped this evening, however have at least made progress on a couple of long term projects blocking space on the work bench.  
First up 47768, it has got to the point that I can’t axxwpt the depot plaques on the cab sides that were removed in 96. So I have removed the etch, sanded down the cab side and repainted....


Hatton's "bargains" plus general scenes

Posted by Tim Hall in Loftshire, 17 November 2018 - - - - - - · 161 views


Clackwick Diaoramas General Update

Posted by brammie in brammie's Blog, 17 November 2018 - - - - - - · 85 views

First to be completed in the latest upate (all courtesy of Langley Models) is the Eastern National Depot on Church Road:
 The Grey-Green terminal has seen the addition of one of those open top sea-front route buses, so popular in the summer months at Clacton. I need to change the livery to reflect Eastern National ownership, and occupy with some pa...


Rosspop`s 7mm modelling saga....stonework painting phase 3 rendering

Posted by ROSSPOP in ROSSPOP's 7mm modelling saga....., 17 November 2018 - - - - - - · 100 views

I think I`ve done all I can for painting the stone work. The plan was to keep it all light. I used acrylic paint mixed with plaster of P for the rendering... splodged on and wiped off.  


AEI Class 81 (Atlas Editions)

Posted by 47137 in Shelf Island (British H0 and H0n2.5), 17 November 2018 - - - - - - · 80 views

I have started a project to motorise my Atlas Editions class 81. The details are in a topic here: 
I am taking photos along the way, so I can write it up for my blog when the time comes. 
- Richard.


A lick of paint makes a huge difference

Posted by YorkshireLad in YorkshireLad's Blog, 16 November 2018 - - - - - - · 94 views

A lick of paint makes a huge difference The layout now has a base colour and ready for track. It's amazing how much of a difference abit of paint makes


Delph - Class 40 progress, with a deep breath

Posted by Dave Holt in Dave Holt's Blog, 15 November 2018 - - - - - - · 225 views

Work on the sprung chassis for the Class 40 has progressed with the PenBits etched brass kit assembled and work on modifying the Bachmann drive units and bogie frames started. 
The PenBits chassis went together perfectly, with virtually no adjustments required other than minor filing to get various sliding parts to give a nice fit. This was mentioned...


The Long Drag to Garsdale – A Fir Tree?

Posted by Southern Fabricator in Southern Fabricator's Blog, 15 November 2018 - - - - - - · 251 views

Well spring has sprung here down under and with the weather and winter colds fading away hopefully, I now get to catch up on gardening chores after a 4 month break. So while trimming down the hedges I found that an asparagus fern had grown through and being an observant ######, I remembered having seen an article by Bill McClanahan in a Kalmbach book I bo...


st johns model railway show 11/05/19 update

Posted by Gan67 in Gan67's Blog, 15 November 2018 - - - - - - · 74 views

hi again guys /gals update for next year show still awaiting final list for layouts but here is list for demos and traders so far DEMOS ARE David Griffin George Nutter David Farhurst and for traders so far TOPPS TRAINS HOBBY RAIL BUFFER BOOKS KEITHS TRAINS KEVIN TRAINS MIKE TRAINS il keep updateing when i know more cheers bruce.


A loco from Blackburn Show

Posted by Barry O in Barry O's Weathering Blog, 14 November 2018 - - - - - - · 241 views
OO, Q6, weathering, ink, powder

Managed a bit of work on my Hornby Q6 at Blackburn. Lot more to do.. an far too much oil swilling around in side it! 


A Land Rover Series 1 of indeterminate length. Step 9. Summary.

Posted by Mick Bonwick in Mick Bonwick's Blog, 14 November 2018 - - - - - - · 190 views

That's all I plan to do with this subject, remembering that it was an exercise in weathering for as little cost as possible/practical. I have attempted to clear an area of windscreen where the wiper would have cleaned, but on reflection (!) that was not such a good idea. The wheels were only made muddy on one side. 
 Just for comparison...


Throwing the Curve Ball(bearings)

Posted by MinerChris in Chris' Minor Blog, 12 November 2018 - * * * * * · 312 views
Baseboards, Presentation and 1 more...

The first job off my ever increasing list for this roster break was to finish off making the backscene pieces. This is to both block off the scenic area to 239x600mm as per the DJLC criteria, and to try to limit the amount of background light coming onto the layout. I’d spent a little while over the last four weeks pondering how to neatly curve the dark c...


Which Motor/gearbox for a GWR 15xx ?

Posted by pylonman in pylonman's Blog, 12 November 2018 - - - - - - · 134 views

Hi. I am new to the world of O gauge modelling. I have recently purchased a Class 15xx model from Warren Shephard. Should I opt for the Slaters 30:1 or 40:1 gearbox ? It is a shunter, so wouldn't prototypically run at mainline speeds. As the motor/gearbox units are >£100 I dont' want to get the wrong one. Thanks


That's about it for now

Posted by RedgateModels in Summat Box File OO-9, 12 November 2018 - - - - - - · 226 views

Here's building A about as far as I can get until track laying is completed. 
I've since added the doors, door rails and downpipes etc. Here's a couple of shots that show the modified rear entry through building A for a bit of OO9 track. The flaps at the back will be wrapped round the edges of the box file once the hole is cut 


Kyle - Up the (Spaghetti) Junction...

Posted by bcnPete in kyle of lochalsh , 11 November 2018 - * * * * * · 473 views

Evening all, Viewers alerted by wiring nightmares should avert their eyes now...:laugh: As per usual with my blog entries they are a mix of positive and negative experiences but it’s all about the process and how we get there, right? This weekend I looked to test the turnout in situ before spraying and glueing in place. The loco ran smoothly up...


Tonight I made a chair.

Posted by 5&9Models in 5&9Models' Blog, 11 November 2018 - * * * * * · 277 views

Once the children were safely tucked up in bed and with an unexpected hour to spare and not really fancying tackling anything big, I decided to make a chair. Scrap brass for the seat, a bit of wire, some solder and a lick of paint. 


Stour valley dream - Completed loop and a video to show it

Posted by Fen End Pit in Fen End Pit's Blog, 11 November 2018 - - - - - - · 274 views

So the fifth baseboard got drawn, cut and constructed, together with the cork for the track bed. Then I got as far as sticking down the sleepers and laying 3 feet of track before the temptation to 'play trains' took over. As I now have a little bit of track at either end of the loop I can now pass trains. I got a variety of stock out of the cupboard to ma...


All set up at Cultra

Posted by KH1 in Up the Line - 1918, 10 November 2018 - - - - - - · 137 views

All set up at Cultra Long journey and an interesting evening of food, beer, music and seriously mad cab drivers but now all set up in brilliant place for a busy day.


tasks that grow...

Posted by Dave John in Kelvinbank, a Caledonian Railway project., 09 November 2018 - * * * * * · 306 views

This started with me trying to do a backscene. Well, I almost have but it has led to other things. To get the backscene onto the backing boards I have to divide and move the layout about to get at them. Not all that difficult since it was designed to be moveable. While it’s out I might as well pave the street between the station wall and the backscene sin...

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