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Overhead view of cardan shaft into loco

SBB C5/6 2-10-0

Bog-standard Roco HO model. Lights illuminate inthe direction of travel.

This is one of the loco-plus-tender drive ones, with four wheels of the tender, plus two of the loco wheels being driven. Telescopic cardan shaft between the two. Gear trains rely on worms (yuk!)

Another slightly worrying quirk of the model is that of the ten driving wheels on the loco, only 6 are in contact with the rail at any one time. This is because Roco designed the chassis block with uneven axle holes - the phenomenon is even more noticeable when you place the loco on plate glass.

Tyre profiles are dreadfully coarse, and would need turning down to P87/HO-pur profiles, as nobody makes replacement wheelsets for the C5/6 to those standards.

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