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Close to the edge

The Long March: BR/SR "O1" 0-6-0

Wainwright rebuild of a Stirling design, using a Branchlines kit as a basis with some other bits thrown in to correct errors or quality issues.

This is a VERY slow build for various reasons, hence the album title "The Long March"

This engine belongs to "trebor" (he built the tender body before other things got in his way) and is intended to perform on his forthcoming "Westerham" layout (P4).

Having gone through a number of build options, I found the kit to be a curate's egg. OK in parts, but an unfathomable reliance on whitemetal where etched brass or n/s would have worked so much better.

Basic complaints: boiler casting mostly unusable because it was oval, so a boiler from the SEF "H" class kit had to be grafted in to cover the deficiency!! Split whitemetal footplate was a design no-no, as one half marginally shorter than the other. "No" also to whitemetal tender frames - not in a kit costing that much!

One or two etched bits were just wrong, e.g. smokebox front plate for the "O1" variant.

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