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Pott Row

Been cleaning up my main layout today based in the garage. Like all my layouts it is essentially a micro or small layout. Track is SMP which was a big undertaking for a lone modeller and buildings are mainly Scalescenes adapted to fit the site. Layout is wired for DCC although points are electric probe using Seep motors. Layout is only at a basic scenic level and needs to be more finely detailed; hopefully I’ll update things as I make progress which can be slow due to work commitments. Because the layout is based in the garage and we live by the sea the contacts on the point motors tend to rust after a few years. Anyone else had this problem? All buildings have lights and three aspect colour lights and ground disc signals are installed. Essentially this is a ‘bitsa’ station enabling me to run medium sized tender locos (Ivatt 4mt, J39 etc) alongside 08s, class 24. Essentially my interests are East Anglian although I am no rivet counter so don’t tend to get hung up on the right loco number etc. I’ll deal with that once main construction is finished or if I feel like doing some renumbering one night. Having said that my 4mts and J39 are correct for the Norfolk/Cambridge shire border area I intend to model.

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