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Broomielaw Signalbox

Prototype Notes - Broomielaw SB

These are some of my notebook pics, taken with the landowner's permission, to help produce a model of the box for my layout of this station.
Broomielaw opened as a private station for the Bowes-Lyon family, at Streatlam Castle, in 1856. The line westwards to Barnard Castle was doubled in the late 1890's. In 1924, the station was reduced to a request stop for local farmers and children by agreement when the Bowes-Lyons left Streatlam. However it opened to the general travelling public in 1942 and from then until closure was involved in troop movements. The site was fettled up by the LNER in the mid thirties and it is suspected in 1942 prior to opening (no seatback nameplates for this station) and by British Railways in 1955, but remained broadly the same until final run down in 1964 and closure in 1965.

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