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J39 rear 3quarter.JPG


© Alan Cumming

J39 rear 3quarter.JPG

Superdetailed Union Mills J39 with following improvements:

- replacement smaller (more scale) N brass buffers
- full wire handrails replacing moulded ones
- brake gear added in brass
- firebox extended down from boiler from brass scraps (the locos don't seem to
have anything much of a firebox representation, which looks odd)
- reversing lever added on LHS from brass scraps
- front end numberplate and shedplate added in scrap brass
- mid-way footsteps added in scrap brass
- lamp irons on front end
- scratchbuilt vacuum pipes and coupling hooks
- sandpipes on front end
- front end stoneguards
- file bottom edge of bufferbeams flush, so no cutout for coupling
- repaint and renumber in matt black, with wheel
rims toned down also