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928 - Schools Class - STOWE


Bluebell Model Railway 2010

928 - Schools Class - STOWE

    Hornby's rendering of the Schools class is lovely.

    (Although I do note that the cab on your model relates to the first ten engines in the class only, and not "Stowe" itself! Posted Image )
    Bluebell Model Railway
    Jun 17 2010 10:32
    well not sure what your on about there, if your on about the paint job its wrong anyway on stowe on the bluebell anyway... so I wouldn't take to much notice.

    If its something to do with the cab shape size ect i don't really care at the end of the day, its only a representation of Stowe, and even if Hornby were to make one they would probably do the same as they wouldn't have the funds to do a whole new mould for it.