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The morning rush hour over the Tube stock heads for the depot


© Nigel Spate

The morning rush hour over the Tube stock heads for the depot

    Great stuff Xerces.

    Just need a Pannier and a couple of flat wagons on the Watford Tip Trip. LT has a special place in my affections, and I have admired your modelling for a couple of years on here now - my old man used to drive the panniers till 73 and there's loads of pictures of him in the Red Panniers book by the Lightmoor press.

    I reckon a pannier with a couple of flat wagons and a brake van would look at home on this layout. [Rolls Royce Sentinel too anyone] ?

    Great stuff - keep it up.


    Matt Wood
    Xerces Fobe2
    Apr 20 2011 16:55
    Hi Matt,

    A Pannier may well join the fleet in the future, however the line is based on the former LMS branch and the tube stock just ran to the depot. The Panniers were regular visitors to the Mets Croxley Tip branch which was located near the junction of the Amersham and Watford Met lines.

    It can be confusing as well the Met Watford Branch via Croxley and the BR Croxley Green branch . Then there was also the former LMS Rickmansworth Church Street branch which closed to passengers in1952 as well as the Croxley Mills branch (a branch off the Rickmansworth Church Street branch) which served the John Dickenson Mill famous for Croxley Script paper which had freight until 1984.

    Stock in the pipeline includes an Oerlikon EMU in Green and in 4mm (I have an old HO Anbrico Oerikon already) A Met loco Sarah Siddons, 6 cars of Q stock!! (Rail tour from Richmond – was possible but it never occurred). A model 2 BIL – there have been 2 visits by a 2BIL to Watford and there is more…..

    Not sure where you are located however hopefully you will be able to see the layout at a Show sometime in the future.

    Thanks for your interest in the layout,

    Best Regards,

    Xerces Fobe a.k.a. Nigel