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6MT 72014 Firebrand


© 2010 James Mower (toboldlygo)

6MT 72014 Firebrand

6MT (Clan) Class 72014 Firebrand on an Early Crest - pristine (alright it's lost it's post clean sheen)

A fictional loco, but had to be done once I discovered Jackson Evans did the plates! I used Clan Buchannan as a donor, as the Late Crest versions have tablet catchers. It's had a little bit of dirt added to the pipework forward of the cab and coated with matt varnish to give it a slightly less than ex-works look. Tender has been coaled as usual.

If the batch of Clans had been built for Southern, Firebrand would have been the 5th & final loco of the batch. Whether the Southern Region ones would have run with a BR1 tender rather than a BR1B Tender is guesswork to say the least. Abit of fun, not one for the rivet counters and frothers Posted Image