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In the shed


© Michael Russell

In the shed

This is a view inside my loco shed - a view that didn't make it to the NRM competition. I have taken out the obvious join line on the saddletanks, but otherwise, apart from cropping and contrast/brightness, it is as taken.

I dropped the camera after taking this and the front lens popped out and rolled across the floor! A good excuse to buy an SLR I think!

    Matthew Cousins
    Nov 05 2010 22:42
    Very good atmosphere, almost thought it should have been in the prototype gallery!
    Fab pic.B)
    Lovely just what railways are about.

    Superb, thanks for sharing it.

    Aug 20 2011 10:46
    How real is that! You can smell the smoke from those ash drums.

    Captain Kernow
    Apr 04 2012 09:11
    Virtually impossible to tell that it's not a real view. Could have been taken by Roger Siviter or one of the other well-known photographers of the industrial scene in the 1970s.....