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2mm Hinged Cassettes - Open


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2mm Hinged Cassettes - Open

What do you get if you cross some long hinges, some PCB, rail, the remains of a hangover, a chat with another modeller and a Saturday afternoon with a good supply of tea? Some hinged fiddle yard cassettes of course! A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of meeting 2mm wizard Stephen Harris and among some fo things he had to show were some rather nifty hinged cassettes. I thought these were really clever and fancied trying out my ham fisted engineering so had a stab at making my own. The idea is that when the hinges are folded closed it stops the rolling stock rolling off the ends and some foam on the sides (yet to be added) holds it safely, as shown here. When the hinges are opened the stock can move about freely, as shown here. The pins that form the pivot of the hinge provide alignment and electrical connections. The use of PCB base allows the rails to be added easily and makes the base nice and thin so there's no need for a big ramp up to the cassette or putting them into a well.

    Jan 29 2011 19:24
    very clever
    Very ingenious! Thanks for the tip!
    Now that is a caption! :D