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30920 Rugby


2011 James Mower (toboldlygo)

30920 Rugby

Schools (V) Class 30920 Rugby, in BR Lined Green on a Late Crest - Heavy Weathered.

First Green renumbering/renaming of a Schools, I used a 'Brighton' as donor. Fox Transfers Etched plates as usual and a re-crest as the prototype had Left and Right handed crests. Weathered using my airbrush and hand weathering with Tamiya powders, etc. She's been fitted with Route Indicator discs, tools & lanterns on the tender and real coal in the tender also - the jobs a good'n :)

P.s. if it looks a little squashed it's a software issue with the site, so click on the picture to see it in full ;)

    Lovely - and the first time I have seen it modelled. Fond recollections of working my way round one of the original nameplates we had at at school while I was working on our model railway!

    Rugby School, Stanley House 1974-76